Faces of War

Project Faces of War documents rehabilitation of a juvenile and teenage rehabilitates suffering consequences of the conflict in Gaza.

It’ follows them through their process of rehabilitation and explores development of their further improvement throughout the rehabilitation centres in Slovenia and in Gaza Strip.

Upon their return from Slovenia to their homes in Gaza they had to survive another eight days of bombardment – also known as the operation Pillars of Could.

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“This was the first time I could personally see an airplane without bombs under it’s wings“, explains thirteen years old Fadi Al-Arir from Gaza, when asked about his most memorable moments of the rehabilitation course he took part in at University Rehabilitation Center Soča in Slovenia. Fadi injured his leg playing football in his home in December 2008. Due to inadequate medical treatment and rehabilitation, Fadi’s broken leg had to be amputated due to gangrene infection. During the war in December 2008 and January 2009, hospitals in Gaza were overcrowded causing insufficient availability of medical care. Fadi’s story is just one example of the unheard consequences of war from Gaza.





Shahed, a three year old, suffers a genetic skin disease known as a Harlequin Ichthyosis. While Shahed’s mother was pregnant she was heavily exposed to the chemicals used in the bombings of the Gaza Strip. After Shahed was born, her mother has abandoned her as she couldn’t cope with her daughter’s disease and appearance and Shahed’s father was killed in the war. It is only her grandmother who is taking care for Shahed. During the summer, her grandmother uses a fan to ventilate fresh air to shahed and to prevent flies from feeding off her dead skin.





Yahya, is an orphan from Beit Lahiya. During the bombardment of Gaza Strip he tried to reach his foster family taking shelter in one of the schools. On his way to reach them, a bomb exploded in his vicinity leaving him with disfigured face and handicap of blindness. Yahya barely remembers the events, stating that he woke up from come in one of Egyptian hospitals, unaware what happend to him and his foster family. Despite his handicap, Yahya aspires to become a mathematics teacher and to overcome the challenges posed by his handicap.






Khalil Al-Jedili lives in Khan Younis in Gaza. On the last day of the war in 2009, Khalil and his brother were out in an open field when the military drone attacked the area. His brother was killed in the strike and Khalil was severely injured, losing both his legs. Khalil is an economics student and an ambitious diver who won several awards and recognitions at para-sports.




Each day in life of the rehabilitates is a little verse in an ode to their mental strength while they try to overcome obstacles being handicapped. In their words: ” Even with our handicaps, we don’t want to be pitied, but we want to be seen as producers for our community and respected”.